Youth Protection Policy

In order to provide the highest level of after school activities for our participants, DI Colorado requires all team managers to have background checks. Our procedure is based on current best practice of our industry, background checks need to be completed to be eligible to compete at Regional and State Tournaments.


All Colorado School Districts/Regions have several ways to complete a background check.  Please click on your region to determine the appropriate method.

If a conviction may be found, potential team managers and current team managers are encouraged to speak with DI Colorado prior to their background check. Background check findings will be reviewed in a fair, impartial and confidential manner. Because DI Colorado’s priority is the safety of the team members and any others participating in DI activities, certain actions and convictions for certain crimes serve to automatically disqualify applicants. Those include:

      • Refusal to consent to a criminal background check
      • Makes a false statement in connection with criminal background check
      • Is registered, or required to be registered on any sex offender registry
      • Has been convicted of a crime involving felony child abuse.


With respect to convictions for crimes not listed above, any applicant with a conviction will be evaluated on an individual basis to determine whether they should be excluded from consideration based on the convictions. DI Colorado will consider the following factors:

      • Nature of offense
      • Length of time since offense including age at time of offense
      • How it relates to position


DI Colorado will notify the applicant to the possibility of exclusion due to past criminal conduct and will provide the applicant with an opportunity to submit an explanation. All personal data, background check data and adverse action letters shall be treated as confidential and maintained in a secure location.


Individuals with adverse decisions may receive a copy of the report and have a right to appeal the decision.


The regional director will be notified that your team cannot compete in the regional competition unless a new team manager is provided and has cleared a background check.


Background checks must be renewed annually.


Thank you for all your support of DI Colorado.

Kate Donelan
Executive Director