The Team’s Solution is the Team’s Alone

  1. The team’s solution is something the team members build from their acquisition of skills and from their understanding of the Challenge and rules. It is Interference for a Team Manager, parent, teacher etc. to be in the team’s solution.
  1. A total of seven team members may contribute ideas, work on the solution, and participate in your team’s Presentation at the tournament. Every idea for every part of the unique solution must come from the team members only. If someone not on the team offers an idea, your team may not use that idea, even if you might have thought of it yourselves later on.
  1. If someone not on your team, including the Team Manager, builds or creates an item using the team’s idea, you may not use that item. The team must start over and build it yourselves in your own way. If someone not on your team, such as the Team Manager or a parent, tells your team how to do something, whether you are building something new or just practicing your Presentation, the team must politely tell that person to let them do it them selves.