A fast-paced introduction into the Destination Imagination Challenge Experience!


To START a fast-paced introduction into the Destination Imagination Challenge Experience all you need to do is form a team of 2-7 kids with a volunteer team manager and click below!


Why Participate?

  • Develop collaborative problem-solving skills
  • Hone time-management strategies
  • Showcase performance and improvisational talents
  • Cultivate creative thinking
  • Utilize materials in innovate ways


  • Cherry Creek/SM Feb. 24
  • NoCo Canyon/Western Slope Mar. 2
  • Southwest/Jeffco Mar. 9
  • Spicy South (SE Colorado)/5280 (Denver, APS, and Northern Suburbs) Mar. 16


Fast-Paced Problem Solving

  • Teams face a 5 to 8-minute Instant Challenge, pushing them to rapidly develop collaborative problem-solving and time management skills. This adrenaline-pumping experience encourages creativity and innovation.


Performance & Improvisation

  • Instant Challenges go beyond conventional problem-solving. They inspire teams to showcase their performance and improvisational techniques, adding an element of spontaneity and fun to the competition.


Think Creatively, Innovate Effectively

  • Participants learn to think outside the box, evaluating and utilizing diverse materials in innovative ways. Instant Challenges provide a platform for teams to unleash their creativity and demonstrate resourcefulness.