Thank you for donating to Destination Imagination Colorado!


If you are looking to donate through the Giving Tuesday campaign please use Pay Pal or donate directly to DI Colorado. Donating through either allows us to thank you personally and send you a donation letter for tax purposes.


If you have a PayPal account, you can donate to DI Colorado directly.

Colorado Gives

Donations are accepted through Colorado Gives. All donations given through Colorado Gives go directly to Destination Imagination Colorado. There are no credit card fees.

Donor Flag

As a fun way to represent our fundraising progress, we are “Covering Colorado in Duct Tape.” What does that mean? We have a Colorado flag in our office that we have covered in duct tape squares. Each square represents a donation amount. Your name will appear on the duct tape square, or squares, that you buy. Let’s get all the squares filled in!


Thank you so much for considering a donation to Destination Imagination Colorado (DICO)! Your support makes it possible for DICO to reach more kids throughout Colorado and more fully meet our mission to develop tomorrow’s creative problem solvers and collaborative leaders.

top blue area = $25 Donation
lower blue area = $25 Donation
center white area = $100 Donation
red “C” area = $500 Donation
gold disc = $1000 Donation

Donor Pins

In order to celebrate our donors, DI Colorado creates a special pin that is only given to those who donate to the organization that year. Donate now and get this year’s donor pin.

Donor Pin 2020

How to Donate

Colorado Gives
Mail a Check

Destination Imagination Colorado
6000 E. Evans Ave.
Building 1
Suite 031
Denver, CO 80222

Amazon Smile

Did you know that when you shop for the holidays at, AmazonSmile donates to Destination Imagination Colorado?



Thank you to our 2018-2019 Donors!


Anonymous, Anonymous

$2000 to $4000

Jeffery Lepthian, Anonymous, David Jared & Kate Donelan

$1000 to $2000

Rhyan Diller, Jim Sirko

$500 to $1000

Mechanical Technologies Group, Maureen Dewar, United Launch Alliance, Lynn Malik, Josh Leen, Josh Halbrook, Irene Donelan, Erin Scott, Cheryl Schultz

$250 to $500

Margaret Tezak, Shanti Flaherty, Anonymous, Carrie Roethe, Kris Beisel, Dacia Donahue, Yvonne Kellar-Guenther, Murphy Company, Lynn Slouka, Louis Freese, Data Relief Inc, Denver Museum of Science & Nature, Kern Karkos, Katherine Brechner, DLR Group

$100 to $250

Nancy McCall, James Vigland, Jennifer Ricklefs, Erika Deru, BJ Scott, Anonymous, Thomas Mauro, Shauna Kogler, Anonymous, Rob Brown, Pearl Schwartz, Michael Bleichfeld, Anonymous, Kris Wintroub, Keith Heidebrecht, Anonymous, Jessica Jones, Anonymous, Eugene Sherman, Shelly Hora, Donna Frick

Up to $100

Deborah Arsourel, We Are the Trees, Stuart Gelb, Ron Dutton, Phyllis Gunn, Patricia Hakala, Mitty Spidell, Lindsay Kennedy, Keith and Kristen Grace, Kayla Steffens, Kathy Gibson, Jodi Nissen, Anonymous, Catherine Collins, Becky Butz, Avi Purkayastha, Amy Norder, Nancy Kennedy, Martha Garcia-Perry, Karen Galinkin, Jen Grant, Bella Kith, Janice Eakins, Cheryl Berman, Marie Adams, Joey Matthews, Carol Stotts, Sabrina Wright-Hobart, Tracey MacDonald, Archana Bellary, Chelsie Thompson, David Willman