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If you are looking to donate to DI Colorado for Giving Tuesday. Colorado Gives Day, or just an annual donation, please use Pay Pal or donate directly to DI Colorado. Donating through either allows us to thank you personally and send you a donation letter for tax purposes.


If you have a PayPal account, you can donate to DI Colorado directly.

Colorado Gives

Donations are accepted through Colorado Gives. All donations given through Colorado Gives go directly to Destination Imagination Colorado. There are no credit card fees.

Donor Flag

As a fun way to represent our fundraising progress, DI Colorado selects a donor pin every year to reflect our Colorado Flag, our love of duct tape, and a symbol of Colorado, collect them all.

Thank you so much for considering a donation to Destination Imagination Colorado (DICO)! Your support makes it possible for DICO to reach more kids throughout Colorado and more fully meet our mission to develop tomorrow’s creative problem solvers and collaborative leaders.

Donor Pins

In order to celebrate our donors, DI Colorado creates a special pin that is only given to those who donate to the organization that year. Donate now and get this year’s donor pin.

The 2022-2023 pin is our state dinosaur, the stegosaurus.

How to Donate

Colorado Gives
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Destination Imagination Colorado
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Thank you to our 2021-2022 Donors!


Pure West

$4,000 Plus

Team Tipton, Swinerton, Dwight Rudolph, Megan Kellar, Kate Donelan and David Jared

$2000 - $4000

Phase IV Engineering, Larry Lepthian, Affiliated Engineers

$1000 to $2000

Irene Donelan, Lane Miller, Adam Weisswasser, Shelley and Steven Billig

$500 to $1000

Crystal Peden, The Smith Family, Linda Taffy, Calibre Engineering, Baumgrtner Nichols Family Fund, Susan Downs and Kern Karkos, Mary Ann and Neil Goff, Tina Morgenthaler, Debbie and Randy Pieper, Lutheran Church of the Master, Sandy and Gary Christensen

$250 to $500

Craig and Kim Marlow, Sara, Heisdorffer, Jennifer, Ricklefs, Anonymous in publications, Lynn Slouka, William White, Peter Zenge, Kathy and Chan Gibson Keith E Grace, Konye Henderson, Amber Hudson, Vicki and Amit Sudan, Michael and Erika Deru, Anonymous. Jennifer Kachnic

Up to $250

Rebecca, Lipman, Tracey MacDonald, Sabrina Wright-Hobart, Yvonne Kellar-Guenthe Jerry Clayton, Carol Lynn Tiegs, Susan Balagna, Brad Bishop, Mark Browne, Kyla   Holtan, Heather Phipps, Stephanie Wilson, Holly Gallegos, Eddie and Sarah Monge, Jason Pickel, Barbara DeSarro, Stephanie Johnson, Amber Lacy, Rob and Sue Brown, Katie Gaertner, Amanda Howe, Kari Lynch, Gina Patrick, John and Mary Steinle, Charles and Dorothy Walch, Karen Winkelman,

Directory on Tap (DOT), Elana Brechner, Elisabeth Collins, Catherine A Collins, Colin Donohue, Sarah Elberling, Juliet Greene, Lauren Habenicht, Patricia Hakala, Anonymous, Shelly and Keith Hora, Diane Howe, Nancy Kennedy, Nora Neureiter, Kristi Owen, Sarah Pezoa, Avi , Purkayastha, Whitney Rucker, Sarah Sanchez, Nistha Sharma, Mary Spidell, Amy and Jason Sunahara, Laurie Woulfe, Linda Elbers & Cheryl Schrivner, Sheila Weahkee, Ron Dutton, Chris and Vicki Johnson, Pearl Schwartz, Leilani Olsen, Sandra Armentrout, Mark Gamble, Ryan McClellan, Russ M Stallings, Eric Wilson, Victor Vialpano Nunez, Connie Ackerman, Dacia Donohue, Sarah Armstrong, Monica Flannigan, Mary Gelb, Allison Gleichman, Kenya Jenkin, Thomas Mauro, Laura Montoya, Barb Peister, Colton Tapler, Anonymous, Jennifer Zakotnik, Kris Beisel, Michael Bleichfeld, Jessican Sanderson, BJ Scott, Christian Solay, Nancy Donelan-McCall, Kyle Miller, Carrie and Kevin Roethe, Leslie Shivers, Darby O’Dell, Keith Heidebrecht.