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South Metro

Welcome to the South Metro Region for DI Colorado.
We’re so glad you’re here! 

Our region supports all the districts south of the Denver Metro Area including Douglas County Schools, Littleton Public Schools, Englewood Schools, Sheridan School District,  and Park County Schools. We also include teams from the northern Colorado Springs area including Monument, Calhan, Yoder-Miami, Manitou Springs, Woodland Park, and Divide, as well as independent and home-school teams within the area.

Click here to see a map of all schools in the South Metro area.
South Metro Info

Welcome To South Metro

Welcome to South Metro


Greetings to our amazing South Metro Destination Imagination team! 


And – welcome to the 2023-2024 Destination Imagination season. Before we share all the details we know at this point for the upcoming season, we’d like to express our deep appreciation for all the dedication our Team Managers and Appraisers bring in support of our kids. DI can’t function without you – you are facilitating an experience for team members that they’ll remember fondly throughout their lives. You’re also helping them to develop life-long skills like creative problem-solving, self-expression, self-advocacy, teamwork, time and budget management, as well as completing the innovation process. They’ll rely upon these skills throughout the rest of their educational experience – preparing them to be more confident, capable, and successful as a result.


In short – thank you. You ROCK! 


Now – on to the great stuff we have in store to support YOU this year! Everything you’ll need related to South Metro Destination Imagination can be found right here on our webpage. We will keep you up to date on training, events, registration deadlines, t-shirts, pins, and anything else through emails and newsletters (see below).


As you navigate the challenge season, you might have questions. If your questions are about the challenge your team selected, reach out to your Regional Challenge Master (RCM). If you have questions about the tournament or anything else related to South Metro Destination Imagination, please reach out to your South Metro Regional Director. 


Team managers – Once you’ve purchased your team package, attach yourself as the Team Manager of record at resources.destinationimagination.org/resources.php (if you have a co-team manager, they should do this too). This will ensure you can access all of the program and challenge materials available to you. 


We are very excited to have you join our South Metro Destination Imagination team! THANK YOU for all you do! 


On behalf of your South Metro Regional Team, 


Kayla Steffens

Regional Director

STEP 1: Bring Destination Imagination to my School - Request an Information Event

STEP 1: Bring Destination Imagination to my School – Request an Information Event


What: Learn about Destination Imagination by doing an Instant Challenge and learning about what it takes to start a team!


When: Approximately one hour on a date of your choice.


Who: DI Ambassadors from the South Metro Recruitment team can present to schools or community groups.


Where: You tell us! We offer both in-person and virtual information events.


To arrange for your South Metro Destination Imagination Information Event contact Kayla Steffens.

STEP 2: Purchase Your Team Package

STEP 2: Purchase Your Team Package 


We are working to simplify the team manager experience. With that in mind, we’ve bundled both registering your team for the season and registering your team for your regional tournament — streamlining the process for you.


Unlock the full power of creativity, problem-solving and teamwork with your purchase of a 2023-2024 team.

Click here to purchase your team package.


Required costs: team package which includes your team number, instant challenge day, regional tournament fees, and more. Click here to learn more about what’s included.


Other costs: Challenge solution cost – teams are encouraged to use recycled and trash items, colorado affiliate tournament fees, global tournament fees, optional costs: snacks, tshirts, pins, field trips


Total required costs: $360 per team or $72/person (team of 5)


Douglas County School District provides a discount to Team Managers in DCSD. Please contact Kayla Steffens for details.

STEP 3: Access Materials & Attach Yourself as Team Manager of Record

STEP 3: Access Materials & Attach Yourself as Team Manager of Record 


To access the Challenge and other helpful materials (Instant Challenges, the Roadmap, Rules of the Road) – you will need to access the Resource Area

You will need to attach yourself as the Team Manager of Record and enter your team’s information. 


  1. Navigate to https://resources.destinationimagination.org/resources.php/auth/login and login or create new account.
  2. Review and accept the Code of Conduct 
  3. Navigate to Teams > My Teams
  4. Click on Add Team
    • Enter the Team Number and Order Number OR enter the Team Number and postal code.
    • If you have multiple teams – repeat this step until you have added all of your teams
  5. Click on the pencil icon to the left of your Team Number 
    • Add/edit 
      1. District, School, or Organization -> Make sure it says your school name
      2. Team name
      3. Challenge
      4. Level
    • Note: You can change the Challenge if your team decides to make a switch from their original plan before the tournament.

STEP 4: Complete a Background Check

STEP 4: Complete a Background Check 


In order to provide the safest experience for our participants, Destination Imagination requires Team Managers to have a background check. Learn more about Destination Imagination’s Youth Protection Policy here.


Note: You will not be able to access team challenges and other resources until you have cleared your background check.


There are a few options for completing a background check:

  1. Purchase a background check from Destination Imagination Colorado.
  2. Your school district can opt to do a Group Waiver and submit to DIHQ
  3. If you have already purchased a LEVEL 2 background check from Sterling Volunteers for Destination Imagination or from work with a different non-profit, church, or school, you can share it with Destination Imagination.

Team Manager Hub

DI Colorado provides training opportunities for both our new and experienced Team Managers.


Team Manager Training are scheduled here.

There is no charge for training. It’s included in your Team Package.


Regional Challenge Masters (RCMs)

Feel free to contact your Regional Challenge Master with any questions you have about your challenge.



Justin Willson

Trystan Binkley-Jones



Bri Klein

Danell Estrada



Barb Peister



Sheldon Spiegelman

Shauna Kogler



Luann Buist



Yvonne Guenther-Kellar



Parker Tipton



Tony Estrada

Cammi Galley



We are looking for a Score Room Regional Challenge Master volunteer!
If you’re interested please reach out to Kayla Steffens.


South Metro Newsletters

Volunteer Positions - We Need YOU!


Note: Positions annotated with ** fulfill the team volunteer/appraiser requirement. 



**Ambassador/Recruitment Specialist: Ambassadors help South Metro Destination Imagination reach out to schools and organizations to help students and their families learn more about Destination Imagination. They work to build team counts by promoting and marketing the program locally. Ambassadors should be passionate about Destination Imagination and eager to share the program with new to DI people. 



**Regional Challenge Master (RCM): Regional Challenge Masters (RCMs) serve as experts for a specific challenge of the current program. The number of Regional Challenge Masters needed is based on having at least one Challenge Master for each type of challenge, including Instant Challenge and the Score Room, plus enough to cover any split challenges, for the Region. Challenges may be split based on registration numbers, which requires another complement of Challenge Masters.



**Building Coordinator: The Destination Imagination (DI) School / Building Coordinator is the person who helps build and maintain a strong DI program in their school or local community group.  This can be one person or a team of people who makes sure that the students who participate in DI receive support and recognition within the school and beyond. 



**Team Manager: Team Managers may be the most important volunteers in DI Colorado. Without a Team Manager, there is no team. They give their time, energy and thought to mentor DI teams. They come from every walk of life, and we count on them to get trained, get background checked, follow the rules, and help create a great experience for every DI kid. Never underestimate a Team Manager!




Instant Challenge Day Appraiser: Attend Instant Challenge training and appraise teams as they complete instant challenges. (Approximately 6 hours) 




Appraiser: In Destination Imagination, it is the job of the Appraisers and officials to award each team as many points as the team has earned. The emphasis should be on what the team members did produce, not on what they did not produce. Those who have volunteered to be Appraisers have the privilege of being an integral part of the process for each team. Appraisers who understand the goals of Destination Imagination and who can elevate and celebrate the accomplishments of each team through conversation, gestures, interest, and supportive appraising will give everyone involved the best experience possible at the tournament.



**Volunteer Coordinator: If you’re an organizer and someone who likes to tell people where to go, then this is the job for you! This position assigns volunteers to needed positions within the tournament, makes sure all appraiser and volunteers have shirts, and confirms who wants to appraiser at the state tournament. (Approximately 10 hours)



**Hospitality Coordinator: We love our appraisers and volunteers and as such we treat them like royalty. A light breakfast and hot lunch is provided, we need someone to coordinate with catering to make sure things are ordered, set up and cleaned up. We also need to make sure each site has water. Coordinate food truck for participants at tournament, make sure day of they are set up.  (Approximately 1 hour before tournament and 3 hours the day of)


Who's Who
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Kayla Steffens


Kayla Steffens, South Metro Regional Director

DI's Mission


To develop opportunities that inspire the global community of learners to utilize diverse approaches in applying 21st-century skills and creativity.


The Destination Imagination program is a fun, hands-on system of learning that fosters students’ creativity, courage and curiosity through open-ended academic Challenges in the fields of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), fine arts and service learning. Our participants learn patience, flexibility, persistence, ethics, respect for others and their ideas, and the collaborative problem solving process. Teams may showcase their solutions at a tournament.