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Thank you for hanging in with us this year. Like most everything else, this year has felt disjointed and we have had to make things up as we go. We’ve had Plans, A, B, and C, in place depending on the current Covid requirements. Really, it’s not our preferred method of tournament planning! Here’s what our current plan is:
Tournament Day
Parking: Our host school is American Academy, Lincoln Meadows Campus (10260 Twenty Mile Road Parker, Colorado 80134). This is an charter school and parking is limited. PLEASE plan to carpool with your team. We would like to suggest meeting at the shopping center off of Parker Road and Plaza Drive and carpooling the .5 miles from there. Any help you can give us with this is greatly appreciated. 
Set and Prop Drop Off: You may drop the team’s sets/props off in front of the school. Out of consideration for others, please do not leave your car there. Unfortunately, cars parked in the drop off area will be towed. Remember — your team members are responsible for the care and handling of their props (not the adults).
Arrival Time: It’s best to allow your team plenty of time to get their props in and organized before they perform. We recommend they have their props inside the school about an hour before their long-term challenge performance time. Please find a quiet spot — away from other teams, if possible.
Check-In Time: 20 minutes before the long-term challenge performance time and 10 minutes before the Instant Challenge time.
T-Shirts and Pins: Like everything else our shirts are the victims of supply chain issues. The printer has promised me we will have them before tournament day, they just can’t tell me when. If we get them delivered last minute, they will be waiting for you at the Store in the cafeteria. If your team wants to wear their shirts at tournament (which we love!) you may need to plan a quick shirt swap in the bathrooms. Our pins, which look amazing, came directly from China and arrived in record time… go figure!
Masks: This subject is such a hot bed of strong opinions and not one we really want to get in the middle of. At this point we are asking all of our appraisers and tournament officials to be masked. We ask you to please remember this is a tournament for children of all ages, some who can’t be vaccinated yet, and mask appropriately. Teams will not be asked to mask during their performances or Instant Challenge, but if the team, parents or school requires masks that is their decision. Really.… what it comes down to is the safety of our kids.
Watching Performances: Teams, parents etc. are encouraged to watch not only their child’s performance but other teams as well. There is learning through watching another team’s solution. This is also an opportunity to demonstrate sportsmanship by cheering on another team. Instant Challenge is a team member- and one Team manager-only event. No one else may accompany the teams. Please don’t ask the kids what the challenge was, they are sworn to secrecy until after Global Finals. This is to keep the integrity of the challenge the same for teams competing across the country.
Interference: We know it’s very hard to not reach over and fix something, help with make-up or tell a team member how to do something. As a Team Manager or parent you are just as nervous as they are. But (and this is a very deal) you don’t want to cause the team to lose points because you caused interference. This is the kids’ solution, their performance and their challenge – let them own it! Here’s the general idea: you can help them carry in their sets, but if you trip and fall it’s up to the team to repair any damage. If a team member want to be an old lady she/he can ask to borrow your make up, but you can’t put it on for her/him. If there’s something hanging off the set that needs to be fixed and it’s 5 minutes before they go on, you can ask if there’s anything else they need to do, but you can’t tell them to fix something specific. This is HARD! We get that, we will give you only one warning depending on the severity of the interference. After that we will discuss with the Challenge Master any potential point loss for the team (we have to have a level playing field for all teams). Please don’t be that adult <grin>!
Sportsmanship: We expect our adults to set a high standard of good sportsmanship for the kids. Please cheer on other team’s performances, compliment another team’s sets and ask how they made it. Cleanup after yourselves and those around you. Basically – we are asking you to lead with good examples.
Props and Sets: Think of this as a campground. Everything you pack in, you also pack out. The school is not our wastebasket.
Raw Scores: The team’s raw scores will be available at the tournament site. Please check with your Challenge Master to see if they are ready. You have one hour after they are ready to make any disputes.
Final Scores: Final challenge scores will be available on our web site after our Awards Ceremony (see the South Metro information).
Party and Awards Ceremony:
Party: At 3:00 we will host a party for the teams. Everyone, no matter where they ended up on the final scores is a winner. They took on a difficult challenge, found solutions and presented to it the appraisers – we want to celebrate that! Where we hold the party will be decided that day. We may have it outside on the field or depending on the weather it may be in the gym.
Awards Ceremony: 4:00 in the gym. Rising Stars teams and Team Managers please meet Parker Tipton (the rising stars Challenge Master) in the hallway in front of the gym at 3:50. We will start the ceremony with the Rising Stars Parade and presentation of Rising Stars medals. They will then lead us in the ever popular Toody-Ta. We ask that all teams remain for the entire ceremony which will be about 45 minutes.
State Tournament: 
After much discussion between the Regional Directors and this being the most unusual tournament year, we have decided to invite all teams to the State Tournament on April 2nd at the Auraria Campus downtown. We would like to provide teams the learning opportunity that comes with presenting to a larger audience and against a larger competitive field. We felt with the smaller tournaments this year there was potentially little competition for the teams to measure their solution against. This is completely a team decision and will only be offered this year. Teams can improve on their challenge solution between the regional and state tournaments. 


South Metro

Welcome to the South Metro Region for DI Colorado. We’re so glad you’re here!


Our region supports all the districts south of the Denver Metro Area including Littleton Public Schools, Douglas County Schools, Englewood Public Schools, and Park County Schools. We also include teams from the northern Colorado Springs area including: Monument, Calhan, Yoder-Miami, Manitou Springs, Woodland Park and Divide, Colorado, as well as independent and home-school teams within the area.

South Metro Info

Welcome To South Metro

Greetings to our amazing South Metro DI participants!



And – welcome to the 2021-2022 Destination Imagination season. Before we share all the details we know at this point for the upcoming season, we’d like to express our deep appreciation for all the dedication our Team Managers and Appraisers bring in support of our kids. DI can’t function without you – you are facilitating an experience for  team members that they’ll remember fondly throughout their lives. You’re also helping them to develop life-long skills like creative problem solving, self-expression, self-advocacy, teamwork, time and budget management, as well as completing the innovation process. They’ll rely upon these skills throughout the rest of their educational experience – preparing them to be more confident, capable, and successful as a result.


So – simply stated, thank you. You ROCK!


Now – on to the great stuff we have in store to support YOU this year! Please look through our all-new website. (we are so excited about this!) We plan to keep you up to date on all trainings, Wine and Wisdom Team Manager nights, Instant Challenge Day, etc. through the website and also through our South Metro newsletter. This year’s newsletters will be a little different. On the first week of the month it will be a general newsletter – trainings dates, important deadlines, where to find information, t-shirt/pin orders, etc. During the third week, the newsletter will be information-specific – team building activities, instant challenge strategies, and more – to support you throughout the DI year. Miss a newsletter? No problem! We’ll have a link posted below in the newsletter section of the web site.


Team Managers – Once you’ve purchased your National DI Membership, attaching yourself as the manager of record for your team ensures you can access all of the program and challenge materials available to you. It also allows us to communicate important information to you directly. If you are co-managing with anyone else, all managers can, and should, sign up. You can do this at destinationimagination.org.


One of our all-time favorite quotes is this, “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.…” Harry Truman said this more than 60 years ago, and it still rings true today – especially for Team Managers. We, as adults, can’t actually “do” anything for our team – except to encourage them and support them throughout their DI experience. It’s up to them, yes, but they depend upon you – our Team Managers – to be their rocks, their support system and their inspiration.


You inspire us – THANK YOU for all you do!


From your South Metro Regional team!

Team Manager Training Videos

Training Events


DI Colorado provides trainings for both our new and “seasoned” Team Managers.

Our 2021-2022 Team Manager Trainings are all going to be on Zoom and recorded.


Overall Trainings:

Challenge Specific:

Skills based Trainings:


There is no charge for trainings. It’s included as part of your fees when you purchase your National Membership.


Volunteer Positions - We Need YOU!

We would love to have you join the South Metro Tournament Team!

Please Note: Any of these position will fill the requirement for team appraiser recruitment. 



Instant Challenge Day

Instant Challenge Day Host: Coffee, donuts, fruit and water for appraisers. (Approximately 2 hours)


Instant Challenge Day Coordinator: Confirm appraisers beforehand, make sure they have Instant Challenge Day appraisal information. (Approximately 2 hours before IC Day and 5 hours the day of)



Tournament Day

Volunteer Coordinator: If you’re an organizer and someone who likes to tell people where to go, then this is the job for you! This position assigns volunteers to needed positions with in the tournament, makes sure all appraiser and volunteers have shirts, confirm who wants to appraiser at the state tournament. (Approximately 10 hours)


Hospitality Coordinator : We love our appraisers and volunteers and as such we treat them like royalty. A light breakfast and hot lunch is provided, we need someone to coordinate with catering to make sure things are ordered, set up and cleaned up. We also need to make sure each site has water. (Approximately 1 hour before tournament and 3 hours the day of)


Tournament Food: Coordinate food truck for participants at tournament, make sure day of they are set up. (Approximately 2 hours)


Team Manager Support: Coordinate, put together and distribute Team Manager thank you gifts. (Approximately 5 hours)


Please contact Debi Tipton to receive more information

Request An Information Night

Members of our South Metro recruitment team would love to do a Destination Imagination Information Night for your school or  parent group. We can do these virtually.


Expect the presentation time to last approximately one hour, plus time for questions. Our goal is to make sure you have all the information to start teams is this unique program year.


To arrange for your DI Information Night contact Kayla: Kayla Steffens

South Metro Challenge Masters

Please feel free to contact your Regional Challenge Master with ANY questions you have about your challenge. They are here to help!




Danell Estrada

Fine Arts



Service Learning

Yvonne Guenther-Kellar

Rising Stars

Parker Tipton

Instant Challenge

Score Room



Wine & Wisdom - Team Manager Support Group

Team Manager support group is an awesome way to get your questions answered by one of our best.

  • RSVP to Dacia Donohue at donohuesdodi@gmail.com
  • Bring a drink and light snack to share.
  • If you have a specific topic you want to cover, email Dacia, she’ll work it in!
  • Please don’t bring children with you – this is for team managers only

Attaching Yourself As Team Manager of Record

Our exciting Challenges of the 2021-22 season are about to be released. On September 1st all of this years challenges will be available to be solved in person. Each year, our Challenge Writers work hard to make sure they develop fun and engaging academic Challenges for all of our participants and knowing which Challenge your team is participating in this season helps us identify the most popular Challenges, as well as better gauge the number of teams that are competing worldwide.


We need you to take a few minutes to enter your team’s information, including your Team Name, Team Challenge, and Challenge Level, in our Resource Area.


If this is your first time accessing the Resource Area, this portal will allow you to download documents, such as practice Instant Challenges, as well as ask Team Clarifications. So please go ahead and dig around while you’re in there!




      1. If you don’t have a DI account, create one now by going to: https://resources.destinationimagination.org/shop.php/auth/account/create_new_account and entering your information.
      2. Once you have an account, go to the Resource Area here: https://resources.destinationimagination.org/resources.php.
      3. Make sure to view and accept the code of conduct!
      4. Highlight the Teams tab and then select My Teams.
      5. Click on Add Team, and then enter either the Team Number and order number (this information will come from the person who purchased the team number) OR the Team Number and the postal code.
      6. If you have multiple teams, repeat Step 5 to claim all of your teams.
      7. Click on the pencil icon to the left of your Team Number and then add/edit your organization name, team name, and the Challenge/Level your team will be participating in this season. Remember, you can change the Challenge if your team decides to make a switch from their original plan. However, once you’ve competed in your first tournament, you cannot change your Challenge.


Important: Because our scoring program is tied to the information you provide, please make sure everything is accurate!

Background Checks

In order to provide the highest level of after school activities for our participants, Destination Imagination requires Team Managers to have a background check. Destination Imagination will be administering background checks through the Destination Imagination store.

Check out Destination Imagination’s Youth Protection Policy here.


Background Checks


In order to provide the highest level of after school activities for our participants, DI Colorado requires all team managers to have background checks. Please review our detailed Youth Protection Policy here.


New for 2021-2022. Background checks are being administered and processed through DIHQ.

    1. You can purchase a background check at Background Checks. 
    2. You can either purchase a background check with your team number or you can purchase a team number independently.
    3. You will not be able to access team challenges and other resources until you have cleared your background check.
    4. You can purchase a LEVEL 3 background check from Sterling Volunteers for DICO or from work with a different non-profit, church, or school, you may share it with Destination Imagination. NOT Destination Imagination Colorado. Again, Destination Imagination. Sterling Volunteer DICO Background Check use Good Deed Code: veq92lv. If you are a Jeffco team manager, please contact Tina or Megan. 
    5. If you have a LEVEL 2 or 1 background check from Sterling Volunteers due to volunteer work with a different non-profit, church, or school, you may pay to upgrade to LEVEL 3 and then share with Destination Imagination.
    6. Your school district can opt to do a Group Waiver and submit to DIHQ

South Metro Newsletters

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Information about the DI Colorado State Tournament and Global finals will be added here.

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Debi Tipton, South Metro Regional Director

DI's Mission


To develop opportunities that inspire the global community of learners to utilize diverse approaches in applying 21st-century skills and creativity.


The Destination Imagination program is a fun, hands-on system of learning that fosters students’ creativity, courage and curiosity through open-ended academic Challenges in the fields of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), fine arts and service learning. Our participants learn patience, flexibility, persistence, ethics, respect for others and their ideas, and the collaborative problem solving process. Teams may showcase their solutions at a tournament.