Board of Directors

Destination Imagination Colorado (DICO) ( is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing challenging programming to youth throughout Colorado that promotes creative thinking to solve interesting problems in areas related to science, engineering, technology, arts, theatre, and service-learning. Throughout the past decades, young people compete in teams to engage in problem-solving in a competitive setting. Students learn leadership, teamwork, real-world skills, and persistence as they work together in competition with other teams. Our success has been demonstrated through the learning, engagement, and sense of efficacy that both adults and students show each year as they tackle interesting problems and compete on regional, state, and global levels.


The DI Colorado Board of Directors, along with the Executive Director and regional directors, provide leadership to the program. Our fervent desire is to provide an opportunity for every interested child in Colorado to participate on a Destination Imagination team.


Board Meeting Minutes

Board meetings are open to the public.

  • Board meeting minutes available upon request. Please email Kate

Board meetings are open to the public.


Strategic Imperative Reports

Each year, the board creates and publishes a list of “strategic imperatives.” These are tasks and initiatives that the board feels are vital to accomplish as a way to help us meet our mission to “prepare Colorado’s kids to be the innovators of the future by combining the arts, sciences, and technology with creativity, teamwork, and problem solving.”

2022-2023 Strategic Imperatives:

The Board of Directors has focused on four strategic areas for 2022-23: fundraising, diversity/equity/inclusion, corporate and higher education engagement; and technology updates.  Ambitious goals have been set in each area. Efforts include the first annual gala and other fundraising events; outreach to increase adult and youth participation in DI, particularly those from economically depressed areas; outreach to engage corporate entities and to form more higher education partnerships; and effective use of social media and other forms of technology.

Meet Your DI Colorado Board Members (additional photos coming soon)


Shelley Billig


Shelley Billig, Officer


Hillary Biskner


Hillary Biskner, Officer

Will Dec 2019, cropped

Will White


Will White, Officer


Minyi Du


Minyi Du, Officer


Chris Abbey

Board Member

Chris Abbey, Board Member


Kemi Chavez

Board Member

Kemi Chavez, Board Member


Cristian Harden

Board Member

Cristian Harden, Board Member


Jill Jurca

Board Member

Jill Jurca, Board Member


Alex Middleton

Board Member

Alex Middleton, Board Member


Amanda Mitchell

Board Member

Amanda Mitchell, Board Member

Kevin Linked in 2 less shadow

Kevin Roethe

Board Member

Kevin Roethe, Board Member

Kayla Square

Kayla Steffens

Board Member, RD Representative, Alum

Kayla Steffens, Board Member, RD Representative, DI Alum


Victor Vialpando-Nuñez

Board Member

Victor Vialpando-Nuñez, Board Member


Brian Weaver

Board Member

Brian Weaver, Board Member

Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 8.18.28 AM

Eric Wilson

Board Member

Eric Wilson, Board Member