Volunteer with DI Colorado

There are many ways you can volunteer for DI Colorado. From a couple of Saturdays a year to several hours a week, DI Colorado has multiple volunteer opportunities available.

Be an Appraiser

Do you want to be an Appraiser? If you like having fun with kids and can commit at least one Saturday this spring, then you will LOVE watching creativity explode at a Destination Imagination Regional Tournament. Volunteers 18 years and older are a very important part of the DI program and are needed in order to create a fair, competitive and fun experience for every Destination Imagination team. Even the smallest Destination Imagination tournament needs over 100 officials to create a fair and competitive field for the teams. Please contact Kate for more information

Join a Tournament Committee

Are you interested in becoming a leader in our organization? Your Regional Tournament committee has several volunteer opportunities for you. You could be a Regional Challenge Master (RCM) and run a challenge site during the Regional Tournament. You could be a school liaison and help Team Managers at your school.

If this sounds like you, please find your region on our regions page and contact your Regional Director.