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Technical Challenge


The Technical Challenge prompts students to complete tasks by using engineering, research, strategic planning, and related skills.

Your team will go on an adventure in a video game, using technical methods to design a team-created tool to win an ultimate prize!




Contact Your Challenge Masters:

David Jared

Megan O’Brien

Amy Norder

Chris Bobbs

Scientific Challenge


Our Scientific Challenge blends the curiosity of scientific research with the creative expression of performance art.

What if you could break a scientific law? This year, your team will create a documentary showing what the world would witness when a scientific law is broken.





Contact Your Challenge Masters:

Jessica Jones

Bri Klein

Isaiah Thompson

Engineering Challenge


Our Engineering Challenge asks students to design, build, and test load-bearing structures created from specific materials.

Stay tuned for the Engineering Challenge sneak peek!





Contact your Challenge Masters:

Jim Sirko

Colton Tapler

Kerry Smith

Jayme Cogswell


Fine Arts Challenge


Our Fine Arts Challenge helps students develop acting and creative skills through artistic media, theater arts, scriptwriting, and prop design.

Production techniques can make anything possible! This year, your team will mash together music and literature to create a music video.  




Contact your Challenge Masters:

Barb Peister

Lindsay Kennedy

Jes Cofran

Improvisational Challenge


Our Improvisational Challenge is all about research, spontaneity, and storytelling. Teams receive topics and produce skits right on the spot.

Stay tuned for the Improv Challenge sneak peek!




Contact your Challenge Masters:

Mary Ann Goff

Ally Hayden

Abby Svoboda

Service Learning Challenge


Our Service Learning Challenge is designed to engage students in public service that addresses real-life community issues.

Your team will create a podcast that tells a story to highlight the amazing project you designed to meet a community need.




Contact your Challenge Masters:

Jennifer Zakotnik

Lena Carroll

Dan Wilson

Rising Stars Challenge


Our Rising Stars for Early Learners Challenge offers simple experiences with the creative process, and it gives young kids (preschool through 2nd grade) a place to work together and make new friends.

Your team will create a picture book about critters going on an adventure and share it in a team-created video!


Contact your Challenge Master:

Susan Stirrup

General Team Manager Information

Team Manager Trainings

DI Colorado provides trainings for both our new and “seasoned” Team Managers.


New Team Manager Training: Covers the basics by providing an overview of the program; what you’ll need to get started; Instant Challenge; team building, etc. Our goal is to get you started on the right foot and feeling comfortable with the Destination Imagination program. This training will not discuss any of the long-term challenges.


Team Manager Training: These training opportunities are provided throughout the Denver Metro Area, Pueblo, Durango, and on the Western Slope. This experience offers the richest, most complete training. You get to interact with experienced Team Managers and volunteers, all of whom are eager to help. The agenda for the Denver Metro trainings will be posted here when finalized.


There is no charge for trainings. They are included as part of your fees when you purchase your National Membership.


Wine & Wisdom - Team Manager Support Group

Wine & Wisdom nights are an opportunity to get together with other Team Managers and discuss specific topics. Or, if you have an issue you need to talk through with other Team Managers, this is the place for you. Bring a drink and light snack to share. This is an adults only evening, so please leave the kids at home.
This evening is hosted by Dacia Donohue, an experienced Team Manager and current DI Colorado Board Member. If you are interested in attending email Dacia at Dacia Donohue for the address.


Why become a Team Manager

Becoming a DI Team Manager can be one of the most rewarding experiences you will have as an adult volunteer.  You get to witness the growth of your team and the amazing solutions they develop, firsthand. Along the way, you learn how to build teams, teach creative problem solving, and form lasting relationships with your team members and other adult volunteers.


“Unlike any other organization I’ve come across, I see that DI teaches extremely valuable real-world skills that will give my kids, and the kids on my team, a major head-start in life. They don’t get these valuable skills in school and very few other organizations are as effective at teaching and encouraging them. More than ever, the engine of our economy is ‘American Ingenuity’ and I want my kids to enter the working world with strong skills in this area. Being part of DI is very satisfying – and worth my time. I’ve developed a much deeper and meaningful relationship with my kids (and other DI team members) through DI. DI has prompted some great ‘kitchen table’ discussions with my kids on very practical real-world issues. It’s also allowed me to play a major increased role in their lives and in their development that I know they value.”-Scott Dalgleish

How To Become The Team Manager of Record

By now, your team has most likely read through all of the exciting Challenges of the 2019-20 season. If you’ve chosen your Challenge, you may have even started working on its solution already! Each year, our Challenge Writers work hard to make sure they develop fun and engaging academic Challenges for all of our participants. Knowing which Challenge your team is participating in this season helps us identify the most popular Challenges, as well as better gauge the number of teams that are competing worldwide.


We need you to take a few minutes to enter your team’s information – including your Team Name, Team Challenge, and Challenge Level – in our Resource Area.


If this is your first time accessing the Resource Area, this portal will allow you to download documents, such as practice Instant Challenges, as well as ask Team Clarifications. So please go ahead and dig around while you’re in there!




  1. If you don’t have a DI account, create one now by going to: and entering your information.
  2. Once you have an account, go to the Resource Area here:
  3. Make sure to view and accept the code of conduct!
  4. Highlight the Teams tab and then select My Teams.
  5. Click on Add Team, and then enter either the Team Number and order number (this information will come from the person who purchased the team number) OR the Team Number and the postal code.
  6. If you have multiple teams, repeat Step 5 to claim all of your teams.
  7. Click on the pencil icon to the left of your Team Number, and then add/edit your organization name, team name, and the Challenge/Level your team will be participating in this season. Remember, you can change the Challenge if your team decides to make a switch from their original plan. However, once you’ve competed in your first tournament, you cannot change your Challenge.

Important: Because our scoring program is tied to the information you provide, please make sure everything is accurate!

Background Checks

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Your region may have different policies, please check your regional page.



In order to provide the highest level of after school activities for our participants, DI Colorado requires all Team Managers to have background checks. Please review our detailed Youth Protection Policy here.


There are several ways in which you can complete a background check.


      1. Managers who are teachers or other school employees may submit a scan or photo of their teacher license number and their current district ID to Rob.
      2. Managers who are not school employees should check with their school office, and follow those volunteer procedures. We do not need a copy of the report, but rather an official notification on letterhead from the school – signed by an administrator – that a background check has been passed and is on file.
      3. If none of these options are suitable, you may use Sterling Volunteers through our State Office – Click Here. Our “Good Deed Code” is veq92lv. There is a non-refundable fee of approximately $27.


All of the methods outlined above are confidential, and your personal information does not reside with DI Colorado. We will only be notified if you have been cleared or not cleared. If a Team Manager is not cleared to work with students, that volunteer has the right to have their case reviewed by the agency providing the background check. Your Regional Director will be notified that your team cannot compete in the Regional Tournament, unless a new Team Manager is chosen and has cleared a background check.



  • When there is an issue in a Team Challenge or Rules of the Road that all teams should know about, a Published Clarification will be posted.
  • A Published Clarification supersedes Rules of the Road and the Team Challenge, as well as a Team Clarification.
  • Every team is expected to know the Published Clarifications for their Challenge.



  • Before your team asks for a Team Clarification, please read all the Published Clarifications for your Challenge.
  • Your team may ask up to 10 questions for your Team Challenge.
  • Teams may only ask ONE question per Clarification request.
  • We will answer your team’s questions and send the answers directly back to you.
  • The question and answer will not be shared with any other team.
  • Team Clarifications should be submitted by the Team Manager.


The deadline to ask for Team Clarifications is January 31, 2020.


To see published clarifications or to ask for a clarification:

Big Fix

First Encounter

In The Cards

Picture This

To The Rescue

It’s About Time


Permission slip for team meetings, excursions, events: Permission Form


Team Snack Sign-Up Form


Tournament Forms: (coming soon!)

Tournament Data Forms

Expense Form

Declaration of Independence

Riding the Creative Wave - One Alumni's Experience

Hi, my name is Riley Morgenthaler, DI Alumna and creator of this website.

After watching my sisters do DI for seven long years, I was overjoyed when, in the sixth grade, it was finally my turn to join a team.  Head buzzing with all of the ideas I had been formulating since I was three years old, I eagerly threw off my cheerleader sash to join the ranks of the competitors.  I was sure that all of my best laid plans and dreams would pan out perfectly as I embarked on my long-awaited DI journey.  Luckily for me, they didn’t, and DI became the biggest learning experience of my life as I navigated teamwork, self-doubt, disappointment and success.   

Throughout my six years as a DI team member I became well acquainted with the ups-and-downs of the Creative Process, and I am happy to be able to share my knowledge and experience of the various stages with other DI kids.  Each part of the process might not be fun, but it is the struggle that makes the success worthwhile.



Riding the Creative Wave

Words Of Wisdom From Team Managers

Team Manager Guide: Here is a wonderful guide to help a first year Team Manager. It was written in 2015 by a Team Manager who has managed DI teams for each of his three children. This is his perspective.

New Team Manager Guide (2015)

Appendices To New Team Manager Guide


Advice from a Team Manager to New Team Managers.

Things I Wish I’d Known


Experiences as a DI Team Manager and how they are real-world, adult experiences.

Experiences As A DI Team Manager


The top 10 Team Manager duties from an experienced Team Manager.

Top 10 Team Manager Duties

Become A Team Manager Mentor

Guide For Manager Mentors

If you are an experienced Team Manager, please consider acting as a mentor for a new Team Manager. DI can be an overwhelming program to jump right into. As a new Team Manager, having a person to talk with, run ideas past, etc. is so helpful.  By providing this small service, you will truly be able to make a big difference for another Destination Imagination team.


If you are interested in becoming a mentor, contact Kate Donelan.


Manager Mentor Duties:

  • Check in with your Mentee at least once a week.
  • Answer any questions your Mentee has, and remember how confused you were when you first started.
  • Provide insight and tips to help these new Team Managers be successful.
  • Act as an inspiration and example to follow.
  • Be supportive, and remember that you are doing something amazing to help others!


Things New Team Managers need the most help with:

  • how to lead a productive meeting
  • how to get the team focused and moving in the same direction
  • how to understand the Challenge
  • how to interpret scoring
  • what the final product will look like
  • how to deal with team conflict
  • how to build teamwork
  • how to establish continuity from one year to the next
  • general information about how this all works


Other Ways You Can Help:

Depending on your availability, resources, and Mentee’s requests, these are some potential ideas of ways you can help these new teams be successful.

  • Invite them to one of your team’s meetings and/or attend one of their team’s meetings.
  • If you are putting together an Instant Challenge for your team, and have extra materials, put together a kit to give to your Mentee’s team.
  • Share your stash of Instant Challenges.
  • Have your teams meet, so that your team members can do their own “mini mentoring” for new participants.
  • Have an Instant Challenge party for both of your teams.
  • Share pictures and/or videos of your team’s past solutions.
  • Check if your Mentee’s team needs help getting to tournaments.
  • If you’re taking your team on a field trip, if possible, take the other team along.
  • Check in with your Mentee as the tournament approaches.
  • Just be supportive!

Additional Resources - Videos, DIHQ Resource Page, FAQ

Colorado YouTube Channel: YouTube Colorado

Watch Colorado team solution videos and Colorado training webinars.


DIHQ YouTube Channel: DI Nationals YouTube

Watch teams’ final solutions, hear what DI Alum and Sponsors have to say, and watch last year’s Global Finals ceremonies.


2 Minute Team Videos YouTube Channel: 2 Minute Team Videos

Lots of videos by kids for kids about the Destination Imagination process.


DIHQ Resources page: Resources

Here you’ll find Instant Challenges, team building activities, as well as exploring and understanding properties of materials.


Destination Imagination Colorado FAQ page: Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll find additional answers to questions such as How To Form A Team and What’s The Time Commitment here.

All Other Resources
  • Get new Instant Challenges (ICs).
  • Learn how to teach skills through IC.
  • Find new places to get IC materials.
  • Learn about what is and isn’t Interference.
  • Teach your team family members about Interference.
  • Develop strategies to avoid Interference.

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