Video Game Heroes, 106-85836

Team Manager: Mykenzie Sanchez

School / Club: Taylor Elementary
Region: Western Slope

Here’s what the team wants you to know:

Hi there! We are the Taylor Elementary School DI Team- The Video Game Heroes- coming to you from Palisade, Colorado (on the Western Slope).

For our challenge solution we created a video game where Luke, our adventurer, gets SUCKED into a video game. Once in the video game, Luke starts on his adventure. He gets to some mountains that he climbs. Then he sees a shadow and remembers the BIG monster. He fights the monster and wins. He comes to a cottage and meets a kind old lady, the old lady gives him some bread. Luke continues on his journey, he gets hungry so he eats the bread that the old ladies give him and he finds a piece of key in the bread. He walks into a forest and he sees a footprint and he picks up the dirt and a key falls from a tree. He walks a little bit more and he sees something glowing in a bush. He looks in the bush and finds glues. He walks and finds a gate, and he opens the gate with the key. He meets a princess and a queen who make him king. Then the prince walks in and says lets party.

We were very thoughtful about what we wanted our scenes to look like and even though we knew that we could figure out how to use a green screen for our video game, we wanted it to seem more life-like and we wanted to keep some of the old ways of DI within our presentation– some of us have had siblings in DI or we were on the DI team last year, and we liked the acting and theatre part of it all so we wanted to use that. Our props also led us to be very creative and discover ways to create a theatre like background and performance that still met the challenge guidelines. Our props required a lot of team work and we all worked hard on them.

Our tool is our key, our 3 quest items are 2 pieces of a key and glue. They connect together to make key for our bridge. We use science because when heat and pressure are combined with the wiki sticks they adhere together. We also use the law of gravity and Newton’s Law of Motion, when we have created it where when Luke puts the key in to the handle of the bridge the bridge is pulled down by a string that is attached to the handle and for our tree. With Newton’s Law of Motion, we learned last year that an object at rest remain at rest unless acted upon by another object. Our object at rest was our bridge and the key on the tree, when each of the strings pulled against these two items they were sent into motion. And Luke became KING!

Here’s a photo the team wanted to share with you about their experience this year!

  • Bob Tipton
    Posted at 11:33h, 03 April Reply

    Issac Newton would be proud — and so are we! Great job this year. Thank you!

  • Jim Vigland
    Posted at 19:59h, 06 April Reply

    What a story! Great job everyone.

  • Kate Donelan
    Posted at 18:14h, 15 April Reply

    I loved how you used your gym space. Nice job!

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