The Extremely Exotic Evil Eraser, 106-93565

Team Manager: Amita Sethi

School / Club: Coming Soon
Region: NoCo Canyon

Here’s what the team wants you to know:

Our video game is an adventure game where an eraser-less pencil goes on a quest to find a rainbow eraser. It takes place in a coloring book world where school supplies and writing implements live. You, as the player, must navigate in this coloring book world. The world is comprised of three different realms: the Pencil Realm, the Sharpener Realm, and the Eraser Realm. You must complete a series of riddles in order to find the three parts of a sword, which is necessary to defeat a final boss in order to get a prize.

In this world of coloring book, the adventure’s special ability is to be able to bend paper. That means, pencil can change the landscape and is able to reach different realms. We used video effects and pneumatics to move a paper shelf and the rolling hills. The 1st use of pneumatics is to route air from a pump, via a PVC, to a green plastic bag. When the pump inflated the bag, it caused the blade on top of the shelf to fall. The 2nd use of pneumatics is to move the rolling hills. For this portrayal, we placed an air pump on a lego car that Aadi programmed. A green plastic bag is tied to the air pump that, when inflated or deflated, moves the paper covering the pump.

The permanent sword is made of three parts: the hilt, the blade, and the ink. Each part is revealed after the player has solved a riddle, which leads them to the next part of the sword. 1. The hilt is found after Sharpie gives a riddle, which leads to the rolling hills that pencil uses his special ability to cross. 2. Hidden with the hilt is another riddle, which leads to the Exactoknife tower, where Pencil uses his special ability to make the blade fall off a shelf. 3. The last riddle leads to the Eraser Overlord’s castle, where the bottle of ink is hidden in the stone wall outside the castle.

Here are some photos the team wanted to share with you about their experience this year — hope you enjoy them!

  • Bob Tipton
    Posted at 11:20h, 03 April Reply

    I’m always on the look out for a good eraser — great fun! (I also like a good Izzie as well).

  • Jim Vigland
    Posted at 20:12h, 06 April Reply

    Love the riddles! Good job everyone.

  • Kate Donelan
    Posted at 19:06h, 15 April Reply

    Nice job with green screen and editing work. Loved the pencil!

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