Southwest: 03/09/2024 Tournament Scores

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Southwest Regional Results

Southwest Regional Results

Destination Imagination congratulates all the students who participated in the Escalante tournament. We think you are all winners!

The first 9999 place teams are listed in place order,the remaining teams are listed alphabetically. Teams emphasized as such are going on to the next level of competition.

A: Pinball Heroes

A: Pinball Heroes, Elementary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GDurango 9-RDurango106-76269

A: Pinball Heroes, ML-D Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GMc Elmo Rockers, Battlerock Charter School11351 Road G Cortez, CO 81321106-02756
2Pinball Pinheads, Durango 9RDurango 106-06329

C: In Motion

C: In Motion, Secondary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GDolores School DistrictDolores106-14959

D: So Extra

D: So Extra, EL-I Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GUnstoppable Improvers, Montezuma Cortez School District RE-1Cortez106-27719
2Seven Spots, Archeleta School District Pagosa Springs106-05560
3Durango 9RDurango106-43268

E: Going the Distance

E: Going the Distance, EL-I Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GThe Launchers, Montezuma Cortez School District RE-1Cortez106-28221
2Innovative Canyon Creators, Battlerock Charter School11351 Road G Cortez, CO 81321106-02572
3Durango 9-RDurango106-91980

pO: Uncharted

pO: Uncharted, EL-I Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GBattle Rock Adventurers, Battlerock Charter School11351 Road G Cortez, CO 81321106-40233

pO: Uncharted, ML-D Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GDI Dandelions, The Liberty SchoolDurango106-58359

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