Meet Kristen – Colorado Alumn

Creative problem solving has officially been instrumental in my life for 35 years. In middle school, being part of a competitive team helped me make friends in a new school, allowed me to explore my leadership style, and challenge myself to solve problems without limits. In college, as I applied for internships and in completing my senior design project, I used the skills I learned to solve real world problems. Creative problem skills allowed me to see different solutions and innovate.

In my professional career, mentors and managers have indicated that as a R&D employee it was obvious I could think outside the box. However, it’s been in my career in operations management that I use my creative problem skills most frequently. I challenge my teams around the globe “to see” their site issues and business challenges differently. I want them to explore alternate ways to get work done, resolve quality issues and to be more cost competitive.

To help the teams connect and collaborate, we apply instant challenges. Consequently, the teams are more energized are willing to explore work differently, and enjoy having fun. Creative problem solving celebrates differences, inspires perseverance, requires inclusivity, and a can do attitude that is needed in business everyday.

I truly believe that my foundation in cps has led me to where I am today.


Kristen Morahan Jerger

Senior Director of Operations for Thermo Fisher Scientific

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