Instant Challenge: Candy Corn Challenge

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Instant Challenge: Candy Corn Cauldron

By: Tina Shaffer

Halloween season is officially here! To celebrate, we’ve put together a special holiday-themed Instant Challenge—Candy Corn Cauldron! For this Challenge, students will use their creativity, planning and design skills to build a cauldron hanger that can hold the most candy corn. After completing the Challenge, use the Reflection Questions at the bottom to help students reflect on what worked and what could have been improved.


Candy Corn Cauldron STEAM Challenge

CHALLENGE: Using the materials below, design and build a structure from which you can hang a cauldron. Test your cauldron by filling it with as much candy corn as possible. Your cauldron must hang from the structure and must not be supported in any other way.

MATERIALS: 1 paper or plastic cup (cauldron), candy corn, straws (preferably paper), chenille stems (pipe cleaners), craft sticks, mailing labels, string

TIME: 8 minutes (you may provide more time for younger kids)


Reflection Questions:

  • In what ways did your team work well together? Are there other ways you could have improved your teamwork?
  • What was the most difficult part of the activity?
  • If you could build the structure again, what would you do differently to improve your design?


Share Your Photos!

  • How many pieces of candy corn did your cauldron hold? Upload a photo of your design and tag us on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.
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