Improvisation Challenge #3

Improvisation is a skill which teaches you to think quickly.


In the photo there are 4 categories:

  • A Main Character
  • A Location
  • A Goal
  • An Obstacle
  • (there is also other elements in the photo you can include in the skit)

Example: Your main character is a crying baby, the location is the library, your goal is to find the lost dog and your obstacle is giant kittens are attacking.


Time: 8 Minutes Total

5 minutes to prepare your improv skit and 3 minutes to perform


Scoring: 100 Points Possible

  • 1-25 points for teamwork
  • 1-20 points for creativity of your skit
  • 1-25 points for character development

Up to 30 points for plot development:

  • 1-10 points for the beginning of your skit (Introduction of characters, plot and the obstacle)
  • 1-10 points for the middle of your skit (Conflict)
  • 1-10 points for the end of your skit (Resolution to the conflict)

Ahead of time:

There is no set up or materials for improv



  • Was your performance creative? What would have made it even more creative?
  • Character development is important to a story, how did you create your character(s)?
  • How was your teamwork? How could you improve it?
  • Did your story have a beginning, middle and an ending?



  • Have the team do the skit again to include their ideas from the debrief.
  • Change any of the elements of the 4 categories
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