2020 State Tournament: Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do We Check-In?

  1. You check in at your Central Challenge Site 20 minutes before your competition time. (Structure check in 1 hour before your performance time
  2. Instant Challenge 20 minutes before your competition times. You need to arrive at the Plaza building and check in for the IC 20 minutes before your IC time. 300 teams are going through this building. There will be a check in line. Avoid arriving too early to minimize crowding. Exactly 20 minutes before your time is ideal. You will be waiting outside, so please dress appropriately. Go to the Activity areas  or watch an other team perform if you are looking for things to do.
  3. Tivoli Turnhalle: Team Registration. This is the ONLY place to get tickets to the Award Ceremony. You can pick up your pre-paid T-shirts and Pins here as well. It is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. You do not need to arrive here prior to competing.

What Time Can We Arrive On Campus?

The buildings of the Auraria Campus will be opened at 6:30 am. Tournament officials are also arriving to set up, so you may not be able to get into your site, but there is plenty of spaces to place your props in the hallway. Please be patient if your door hasn’t opened, the event staff of the University is busy opening all the doors. You need to check in at your challenge site 20 minutes prior to competition. This means that your team is ready to meet with the prep appraiser 20 minutes before your competition time. All props/costumes etc. should be ready.

What Should We Bring With Us?

  • Your tournament schedule
  • Completed tournament forms – Declaration of Independence (2 copies), Expense Report form, Tournament Data Forms (6 copies), and any team specific Team Clarifications
  • Cameras – remember that some teams may not allow pictures or video-taping
  • Extra extension cords or power strips if your team needs them
  • Repair kit
  • Small First Aid kit
  • Food or money for lunch

How Can Our Spectators Find Us?

Ensure that your team parents and other spectators have the following information:

  • Team name
  • School name
  • Challenge name and level
  • Challenge location
  • Parking information
  • Performance time

Where Can We Find The Schedule??

The official Schedule will be posted on April 1, 2020 . Please verify your performance times. Tournament sites may run late, but they will not start early to ensure that audience members can get to the team’s performance



Where Can We Park?

You can park in any of the marked lots. As you can see by the attached map, parking further away is less expensive.  Most of the Campus lots will be available for you to park in.  There is NO free parking.

Parking Map

Large vehicles may have to pay for 2 spaces. There is no in and out parking. You must pay every time you leave a lot.

Light Rail is also a wonderful resource for your spectators. Both the Green Line and the Yellow Line stop at the West side of the campus.



Do We Still Need All Our Forms?

Yes, Please bring in your 6 copies of the Tournament Data Form, 2 Copies of the Declaration of Independence and 2 copies of your expense form. They may be the same as your district forms, or you may alter them to reflect any changes your team may have made. Read your challenge to determine all paperwork required.

Tournament Data Forms can be found here.




Feed Me! What's To Eat?

  • Food Trucks next to the Quad (La Hacienda, Devil Dogs, and Kona Ice) and by IC (Kona Ice)
  • Food Court in the basement of the Tivoli, very crowded
  • Starbucks, iPie Pizza and Tivoli Brewing Company in the Tivoli
  • Across Speer their are many, many restaurants at all price points
  • Plenty of outside space for picnics.

We have let all the Tivoli vendors know that we are expecting a large crowd. Please note that there are many places to eat within walking distance. We highly encourage you to visit food trucks supporting DI.



What If We Have A Question On Our Scores?

Please bring your Destination Imagination spirit and positive attitude! Remember that all of the people working at our tournament are volunteering their time to support your team.

If your team has a question about scoring or tournament procedures, ask to speak with the Head Appraiser.

If you feel that your issue has not been resolved to your satisfaction, team managers and/or team members can request a DIalogue with the Affiliate Challenge Master, the Tournament Director and other tournament officials. Team Parents are not included in this process.




What Do We Need To Know About The Awards Ceremony?

Remember, our Awards Ceremony is a ticketed event. We must keep our numbers to 3,000 attendees. Our Awards Ceremony begins at 7:30 pm at the P/E gym. But the dancing and fun begins at 6:15 pm, grab yourself a spot and start dancing. This is a ticketed event.


Out of consideration for all the teams participating we request you please stay until the entire Awards Ceremony is completed.




What Do We Do With Our Props?

Take your props home. Campus dumpsters are not available for our props, think of it like a camping trip: pack it in, pack it out! Do not destroy your props until you hear the tournament results. If you place in the top six teams, please save your props for a week, in case some teams are not able to attend the Global Finals tournament. You could be invited to attend in their place.



We're Going To Global Finals! Now What?

Teams advancing on will receive a packet with everything they need to know. There will be a SHORT meeting after awards to go over quick details. BUT, the next day at 9:00 am there is a MANDATORY meeting for at least one adult representative from your team. This will be held in the Tivoli Turnhalle. We realize this is early but it is the one time that team managers from all over the state will be nearby. All qualifying teams must declare their intention to go to Global Finals no later than Close of Business, Wednesday, April 10,2019.


DI Colorado is bringing 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place teams. 5th and 6th place teams will be entered into the lottery.


One team manager from every 1st – 6th place team should attend the global finals breakfast.