Colorado State Badges Pins $15. per set

Colorado State Astronaut Pins $15. per set of 4

In this 4 piece set are the Fishing, Inner Tube, Canoe and Soccer Astronaut pins.

The 5th pin, Superman Astronaut, is this year’s participation pin given to team members at Instant Challenge check-in. This astronaut is not available for sale.

Colorado State Llama Pins $15. per set

These are Colorado’s 2020 Regional pins.

  • South Metro, North Metro and Southwest have the turtle
  • Cherry Creek and NoCo Canyon have the wolf
  • Spicy South and Western slope have the bear
  • Denver and Jeffco have the Llama

You can purchase your regions pin at your region tournament or in sets of 4 before attending the State Tournament. These pins can be traded in the Pin Trading area during the state tournament.


The final pin, the zebra is our appraiser pin, given to all regional appraisers in appreciation for all their hard work. The Zebra is not available for sale.


The set of 4 pins will not be sold at the state tournament. You may purchase only the pin from your region.