DI-gital Destination Imagination – Colorado’s After School Club


This will be a 5 week experience with skill building, Instant Challenges and a challenge you can do with your family.


We will be meeting on Thursdays beginning April 30th at 5:00 pm, we will have a skill building session focusing on storytelling, improv, materials use and more. These skills will help you if you are competing at Virtual Global Finals or into your next DI season.


For more details take a look at our web page: DI-gital Destination Imagination


Interested in participating: email Kate, with student(s) name, contact email, and grade level.


No cost to participate, donations welcome, but not necessary.

Spring T-Shirt Contest


DI Colorado “Create a T-Shirt Challenge”

For years, we have been designing t-shirts for you to wear…now let’s turn the tables around.

DI Colorado is hosting a “Create a T-Shirt Challenge” this year – we want you to capture the spirit of this unique DI season! This will be the official T-shirt of the 2020 season (not the original tournament t-shirt we had posted on the web site).




  • Any member of our DI community 19 or under may submit a design
  • Your t-shirt design must incorporate one of the following: Creativity, Innovation, Problem Solving or Teamwork
  • Designs may have up to 4 colors
  • Must include “DI Colorado”
  • NOTE: deadline for T-Shirt design submission was 4/15/2020

For more information see the details here: T-Shirt Contest

Resources by Challenge (2018-2019)
  • Get new Instant Challenges (ICs).
  • Learn how to teach skills through IC.
  • Find new places to get IC materials.
  • Learn about what is and isn’t Interference.
  • Teach your team family members about Interference.
  • Develop strategies to avoid Interference.

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