Global Finals Information

Please check here for more information: Global Finals Website

Packing List

  • Plane Ticket receipt
  • Backpack, fanny-pack, or tote bag
  • Stuff for the plane – reading, ipod
  • ID – some sort for Kids – school ID
  • Some Cash – meal money
  • Shirts – Many teams wear coordinating shirts each day. You have Regional T-Shirts, Opening and Closing Tshirts and T-shirts from 2016 and previous years.
  • Comfortable shoes, you walk everywhere and up and down hills.
  • Shoes for shower, or pool or fountain (Teva’s or flip flops)
  • Duct Tape Ball outfit (optional)
  • Pen – for the trip
  • Clothes – Mostly hot and humid, but be prepared for cooler/wetter days, layers are best.
  • Bathrobe (optional but good idea for shared bathrooms)
  • Opening Ceremony Stuff – Light Up Devices and DI Colorado Green Train Shirt
  • Pins
  • Felt/Towel backing
  • Bag to contain them
  • Name on everything
  • Swim Suit
  • Small Towel (optional but good idea)
  • Swim Towel
  • Bathroom stuff – including soap and shampoo
  • Poncho or rain/windbreaker/umbrella (for rain)
  • Light Jacket
  • Sunblock
  • Cell phone
  • Cell phone charger
  • Camera(s) and Charger
  • Carry-on items meet travel requirements for security
  • Prescription Medication

Fundraising Guidelines

Congratulations on your team’s invitation to Global Finals! We realize you have a lot to do and not much time to do it. We also realize your team may be faced with the necessity of raising several thousand dollars in a short

Your fundraising job may be easier if you can offer your donors a tax deduction for their contribution. Since Destination Imagination Colorado is a non-profit corporation, recognized as tax-exempt by the Internal Revenue Service (501-c-3) we can help you with that, but there is a process we must both follow.

Basically, you will collect funds and send them to us for processing. We will write a letter to the donors that contain the information needed for their donation to be tax exempt. We will reimburse you for your Global Finals expenses, up to the amount you raised or the amount you spent.

We will be charging your team a 2% fee on your total contributions for this service.

Registration with Us

Please email Rob Brown with the following information:

    Team manager name and address – this is the person to whom all checks will be written

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Team’s school, name, and membership number

As soon as you have it, please fax or mail Rob a copy of your Global Finals registration with the amount spent on it. This will serve as documentation of your expenses. If you are able to raise more than this amount, we will then need copies of other expenses such as airline invoices.

Rob’s contact info:
Email –
Phone – 720-542-3637
Mailing Address–
DI Colorado
701 S. Logan St #10
Denver, CO 80209

Fundraising – Unallowables

The IRS stipulates that for a contribution to be tax-deductible, the donor must not receive any benefit from it.

That means the following types of “contributions” are not tax-deductible:

  • Fundraisers where the contributor gets something like a carwash or a bake sale.
  • Payments by parents of team members. Parents can’t “contribute” the money to send their own kids to Globals.

Any money you receive through bake sale / carwash kind of events you should just handle yourselves. Parents’ payments you should just handle yourself, but keep track of it in case there’s enough fundraising income for you to reimburse them.

Fundraising – Individual Donors

When you get contributions from individuals or small businesses, please:

  • Have them make the check out to Destination Imagination Colorado. We can’t process checks made out to you or to a school. Please have your team number or school on the check.
  • Make sure the check has the info on it we need to mail them a tax letter – name and address is good.
  • If you happen to get cash and the donor wants a tax letter, you will need to send both the cash and the donor information to Rob. We have to actually deposit the money, to make a paper trail for the IRS, before we can write the donation letter.

Fundraising – Corporate Sponsors

If you approach a large business for money, they are likely to have a process in place already. You will have to work with their process; the locals probably don’t have authority to change it. The business will probably want information about us.
The corporation name is Destination Imagination Colorado. We are a Colorado not-for-profit corporation, recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our Tax ID Number is 84-1559172. For a mailing address use 701 S. Logan St. #10, Denver, CO 80209 The business will probably have to send your request in to their headquarters, and if they choose to contribute it may take weeks or months. They will probably mail their check directly to DICO. If you are expecting something from a large business, please email Rob with the details – often these checks don’t have any information about what team they’re for.

Check Processing

From time to time, please package up your contributions and send them to Rob at the address above. Please email Rob to tell him a package is coming. If you prefer to deliver the package (like if it has a lot of cash), please email Rob to set up a meeting time. Rob will record your contributions and send the tax letters as quickly as possible and keep track of your receipts in the DICO accounts

Credit Card Donations

We aren’t set up to take credit card donations on any significant scale. There are all sorts of responsibilities that go with credit card processing related to keeping credit card numbers safe, and this mostly volunteer organization isn’t staffed to cope.

If you have a significant donor who just has to do a credit card donation:

  • Email Rob with the details: what team, donor name, address, phone number, email, and how much.
  • Rob will have to contact the donor to get the credit card number and process it on our credit card machine.
  • There is also a 3% credit card transaction fee in addition to the 2% convenience fee DICO charges.

Reimbursement Process

Please mail or fax Rob invoices that prove you spent at least as much as you fundraised – such as your Global Finals registration with a total amount, your airline invoice, your prop shipping charges, and so on. Expenses incurred for the team members and the TMs certainly count, as do expenses for other adults the team may need (chaperones, parents for young kids).

We can reimburse you up to:

  1. the amount you raised and processed thru us, or
  2. your total expenses

It’s very rare that someone raises more than their expenses, but it has happened, and in that case we would hold the excess for a future year, or pass it on to another team or charity, as you wish. When you are ready to be reimbursed, email Rob and request it. Rob will mail you back a check. We will only reimburse the team manager. We will not write individual checks to parents. You’ll have to keep track of who paid what, and split the reimbursements yourself. We will be happy to process your reimbursements both before and after Global Finals, as you find necessary. If possible we would like to have everything done by June 30, when our fiscal year ends. If that’s not possible, we’ll work with you.

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