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Do you remember the events of Apollo 13, the United State’s third attempt to land people on the moon? As a quick reminder, an explosion on the module stranded the astronauts in space. With the limited materials available on the spacecraft, the astronauts and ground crew needed to use some powerful problem-solving skills just to bring them home.

While our kids may never face such a life-or-death situation, they are dealing with increasingly complex situations all the time — where innovation, creative problem solving, and teamwork are essential for success.

Destination Imagination Colorado prepares Colorado’s kids to be the innovators of the future by combining the arts, sciences, and technology with creativity, teamwork, and problem solving. In our program, students learn collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity to bring their ideas and aspirations to life – all skills essential for productive and innovative employees of the future!

We are looking for successful companies that share our focus on innovation and creativity to join us in supporting the students in our program. Colorado’s many innovative companies bring those qualities to their audiences and we believe that a partnership will benefit your organization as well as ours.

During our 2017/2018-program year, Destination Imagination Colorado had participation from 800 teams, or roughly 5,100 Colorado students, all managed by approximately 1,200 volunteer team managers. We hold ten regional tournaments and a State Championship tournament each spring. Over 1,000 adult volunteers organize, appraise, score, and support our regional tournaments. At our Championship tournament we host the top 300 teams from around the state, with over 1,500 students, 1,000 adult volunteers and more than 3,000 team parents and supporters.

We have several customizable levels of sponsorship all that will provide your company access and exposure to our participants, their parents, and our volunteers.

Together, we can build a creative future for Colorado!

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