Child Protection Policy

In order to provide the highest level of after school activities for our participants, DI Colorado requires all team managers to have background checks. Our procedure is based on current best practice of our industry, background checks need to be completed to be eligible to compete at Regional and State Tournaments.

There are three ways in which Team Managers can complete a background check.

  1. Team Managers who are teachers must submit to DI Colorado their teacher license number and their current district ID annually.
  2. Team Managers who have teams in districts that require background checks may submit their clearance documentation from their school district annually to DI Colorado.
  3. Team Managers may go through Verified Volunteers (Click Here) The Team Manager will pay for the $22 cost of this background check. This service will report to DI Colorado if you are cleared to work with children. This background check will need to be renewed annually.

All of the methods outlined above are confidential, and your personal information does not reside with DI Colorado. We will only have an indication if you have been cleared or not cleared. If a team manager is not cleared to work with students that volunteer has the right to have his/her case reviewed by the agency providing the background check. Your Regional Director will be notified that your team cannot compete in the regional competition unless a new team manager is provided and cleared a background check.
Team Managers may not have any of the following convictions:

  1. Felony Child Abuse
  2. Violent Crimes
  3. Any felony offences involving unlawful sexual offences
  4. Any felony offences involving domestic violence

As a volunteer your privacy rights include:

  1. Notice and consent prior to the background check
  2. Notice of negative information before an adverse action is taken
  3. A right to receive a copy of the report
  4. A right to appeal an adverse decision
  5. Proper disposal of information included in a report.

Thank you for all your support of DI Colorado.

Kate Donelan
Executive Director